Free am I, oh so free am I
Being freed
By means of the three crooked things:
The mortar, pestle, and my crooked husband!
(Therigatha 11)

Invitation to Join Our Sangha Community

In the deep South lies a small monastery, unassuming , in its lack of an actual monastic appearance. It's a small house within the residential area of Woodridge Circle in Greenville. This has been in existence since the year 2000, and many monastics , both monks and nuns have domiciled here. Recently, Ayya Sudinna, a Sri Lankan bhikkhuni is in residence.

During the past few weeks this monastery has been blessed with the brief visits of Venerable bhikkhuni Sobhana of Āranya Bodhi  Hermitage and Venerable bhikkhuni Satima from Colarado.

The well-wishers and supporters of this monastery would like to see this expanding and growing into an institution that would serve a greater Buddhist community.

Therefore, any women who are exploring the possibility of training to become bhikkhunis or anagarikās or upāsikās will be welcome to stay here and practice the Dhamma while being helpful in the activities of the vihāra.

In a world full of stress and change a well-practicing community could provide the lay-practitioners the opportunity to realize the value of the Dhamma, and the frequent contact of the laity and the ordained sangha could be of mutual benefit and encouragement to the growth and liberation of both parties.

With metta,

Carolina Buddhist Vihāra,