Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind,
  so difficult to subdue, 
ever swift,
  and seizing whatever it desires.  
A tamed mind brings happiness.
Dhp 35

"Wherever the Buddha's teachings have flourished,

              either in cities or countrysides,

     People would gain inconceivable benefits.

The land and people would be enveloped in peace,

     The sun and moon will shine clear and bright.

          Wind and rain would appear accordingly,

                  and there will be no disasters.

                  Nations would be prosperous

and there would be no use for soldiers or weapons.   

People would abide by morality and accord with laws.

            They would be courteous and humble,

and everyone would be content without injustices.

        There would be no thefts or violence.

        The strong would not dominate the weak       

 and everyone would get their fair share." 


                Dhamma Garden

Theruvan Saranai!

May the Triple Gem Bless You!

The Carolina Buddhist Vihara offers the teachings of the Buddha to all who are interested in learning to break through the bonds of greed, hatred, and delusion and seek to find lasting peace in this life and the next.  The ultimate goal of the Buddha's teachings, however, is the complete, unfettered release of Nibbana.

We welcome you to visit the pages of this humble website for information about the Vihara, the resident monastic, and times teachings are available.

If you have a special need or would like to receive meditation instruction or Dhamma teachings, the Vihara's contact information can be found here.

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May any merit received through the website be dedicated to all sentient beings!  May they be well, happy, and peaceful!  May they all attain enlightenment in this very lifetime!

Ayya Sudinna will be visiting Sri Lanka from mid November 2018 until the end of February 2019. To visit the temple during this time, please contact Mallika  ( 864- 288- 7032) or Indira (864- 915- 0462). Thanks, Metta. SCBVihara.
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